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Are we sure that in our worship we are actually worshiping the true GOD who has revealed HIMSELF in the Bible? There is only one way to answer that question truthfully. It is to ask: Do I really know the Bible, and do I worship GOD on the basis of the truth I find there? That truth is centered in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, as seen in the Bible. There the Invisible GOD is made visible, the inscrutable knowable, the eternal God disclosed in space and time. Do I look to JESUS in order to know GOD?

Do I think of GOD'S attributes by what JESUS shows me of them? If not, I am worshiping an image of GOD, albeit an image of my own devising. If I look to JESUS, then I can know that I am worshiping the true GOD, as he has revealed HIMSELF. Paul says that although some knew GOD they nevertheless “did not honor him as GOD or give thanks to HIM” (Rom. 1:21). Let us determine that this shall not be true of us. We see GOD in JESUS. So let us know HIM as GOD, love him as GOD, serve him as GOD and worship him as GOD."
- James Montgomery Boice, Foundations of the Christian Faith-

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