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Sunday's At SGF

What Does A Typical Sunday At SGF Look Like???

 9:30 AM- Our Doors Are Open...
We spend the first half hour greeting one another in fellowship, serving one another as we prepare for worship.

10:00 AM- Worship Service...
​At this time we move to our seats and begin our service with a few announcements, followed by a Pastoral prayer to begin our worship. We continue with several hymns/songs. (all chosen based on theological content, not style) Afterward we continue to stand as our Pastor reads selected Scripture from GODS Word. We then sit and worship as we follow along, (typically 50-55 minutes.)

After the sermon we take a time of confession and prayer as we examine ourselves and prepare our hearts for The LORDS Supper. Each week one of our Elders will come up and lead us from GODS Word in this time.  After we partake we follow with a few more hymns/songs, and close in prayer.

11:30 AM- Fellowship Meal
​At this time we fellowship as the kitchen is prepared, then we gather, pray and share a meal together. 
(We are usually done between 1:30-2:00) 
Sunday Nights are Devoted To Family, No Service...

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